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Welcome to city vortal Network

They can be real gardens or maybe they can be the frame of old buildings or also the stage for the city events. No doubt the Vienna’s squares are masterpieces with no equals. The central squares of the city are Maria Theresien Platz and Helden Platz: in the center of the first one there is the monument dedicated to the homonymous Queen. We can find also the museum of natural history and history of art. The second square is dedicated to the winning heroes againts the Turks and here we can find the new fortress (Neue Burg), which belongs to the Hoffburg’s complex. Another square named Am Of which is surrounded by Baroque buildings, is a meeting and shopping place where we can find exactly in the center, the ”Virgin’s column”. On its right side there is the Baroque Jesuit’s church. Many others Baroque buildings encircle the lively Graben square which shows in its centre the “Plague’s column”, builded at the end of seventeeth century after the pestilential epidemic that affected the city.


It’s advisable to visit the square not only to see St.Charles Borromeo church (Karlskirche), which is a prestigious Baroque building, but also to see the finest underground marble and gold blocks realised by Otto Wagner.

Neue Markt:

Despite it has been damaged by bombing during the second world war ,the square preserves its proper fascination and the stately “Providence Fountain”.

Rathaus platz:

The space in front of the town hall, surrounded by gardens, houses in December the woody market stalls and the big lighted Christmas tree, changing so into a classy Christmas market.

Both Baroque buildings, Pallavicini palace and the National library overlook this beautiful square which is close to the Hoffburg.
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