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Well-known cafes, traditional Huerigen and fashionable places: the tourist who wants to know the real soul of Vienna doesn’t have to miss the chance of visiting some of them. The coffee break is suitable for those people who don’t give up in the morning to read a daily newspaper and for those people who love to relax themselves in front of a hot cup of chocolate or delicious cakes. Instead the jolly gatherings and wine lovers people can choose one of the many Heurigen on Grinzing hill, in the north side of the city, where anyone can discover the real white and new wine of Vienna. People who stay up late can choose among many pubs where it’s possible to drink a good beer or they can go to the many clubs where it’s possible to listen to the latest trendy music.

Cafè Landtmann
1., Dr Karl Lueger Ring, 4
Historic meeting place of students, actors and producers;in summer the terrace is open.

Cafè Central

1., Herrengasse, 14
This prestigiously furnished place is for tradition the favourite of many artists which love to drink a Viennese coffee while they are listening to the music.


1., Stallburgasse, 2
This coffee-bar offers a suggestive atmosphere where you can look it up in a great choice of daily newspapers.


1., Dorotheergasse, 6
Historic place which is patronized both by students and also by very important personality.

Palmehaus in Burgarten

1., Burgarten-eingang albertina
This suggestive place has a nineteenth century greenhouse and the kitchen range is open until late.


1., Wipplinger Strasse, 34
It is located in the basements of the Stock Exchange and it’s famous for its breakfasts.

Heurigen Weingut Reinprecht

19., Cobenzigasse 22
This place offers Viennese music and excellent wines. Its garden is located on Grenzing hill.

Mayer am Pfarrplatz

19., Pfarrplatz 2
Good music, fancyful cooking, excellent wines and livelyness in this famous Heurigen.

Winzerhof Leopold

21., Stammersdorfer Strasse
Tastefully furnished, the place offers good quality wines, both red and white ones.

Vienna Card:

It is a suitable mean for the travellers who want to visit Vienna in a quite cheap way: this is the Vienna card, a card without that, austrian capital would be more expensive. With a cost of Euro 16,90 you can travel by every public transport for 72 hours and also have prices reduction on tickets museums and other touristic attractions. Moreover the owners of Vienna card are entitled to special offers or to obtain gifts in the many shops which are in an agreement. The card can be bought at Touristic information offices, at Wiener linien points of sale and in some hotels of the city.

Viennese cooking shows itself like a good quality mix of different cooking traditions, which have got in touch and messed up one with each others in the long period of Habsburg domination. Among all the courses of a typical Viennese lunch there is always meat, which can be presented like Wiener Schnitzel (breaded cutlet served with french fries) or like the elaborate Tafelspitz (boiled beef with vegetables). Not only excellent beer but also good new local wine are advised to complete well austrian meals. But the strong point arrives at the end; however full up may you are, you won’t be able to renounce to the typical sweets, which are the pride of a national prestigious pastry. With Sacher Torte, Apfel Strudel, Buegel and many others you can conclude in a better way your own meal or you can treat yourself to a sweet pause during the day. Those people who want to taste the deliciousness of typical cooking can choose among many city restaurants which suggest the traditional recipes; instead for having a snack made in Vienna you should stop at Wurstelhotten, a street stand where you can taste classic wurstel.


Le Siecle
1., Parkring, 16
Its menu offers an exquisite cooking and excellent fish-based dishes.

Le Ciel
1., Kartner ring, 9
The reataurant is located on the top floor of a grand hotel and has a beautiful terrace.

3., Rasumofskygasse, 2
This restaurant is renown for its excellent Austrian cooking which is prepared following the ancient traditions and recipes.

1., It offers an excellent typical Austrian cooking.

1., Mahlerstrasse 2
It is a very elegant restaurant which offers the traditional Austrian dishes; it is located in the Ring area.

1., Dr Karl Lueger-Ring, 2
It has a beautiful garden and a well renown cooking.
1., Augustiner-strasse
It is a very popular restaurant which offers generous appetizers and the afternoon brunch.

Zum Schwarzem Kameel
1., Bognergasse, 5
The restaurant is centrally located and offers typical Austrian specialities. There is also a take-away service

Zum Figlmüller

1., Wollzeile, 5
It is the ideal place to taste an excellent Wienerschnitzel, which is the typical Austrian cutlet.

9 ., Seegasse, 26
This restaurant in “biedermeier”’ style offers not only meat but also a vegetarian cooking.

1., Schulerstrasse, 20
The gulasch-lovers don’t have to miss this restaurant which offers 15 different kinds of gulasch in its menu.
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